As you can see, here you will find an overview of the brands we can provide to you in the Live & Production world. If you have any questions or think along your solution, please contact us!



AJA provides its unique technology to leading manufacturers and developer partners across the professional video industry for integration into their product lineups. High-profile media companies around the globe, along with broadcasters, networks, post-production houses, mobile truck operators, cinematographers, film editors and more, rely on the reliability, flexibility and performance of AJA technologies.


Avid believes working together is the best way to navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities in the fast-moving era of digital media and entertainment. Just like Avid's customers, Avid colleagues are creative and inventive, using Avid products for their passions —making movies, music, and more. This makes their mission more personal and real and our work more meaningful and fun. Together with Avid, create innovative products and solutions and provide the support our customers need to achieve success—however they define today and in the future.

AXON Digital Design

Axon is built on innovation and excellence, with a strong team of R&D experts whose experience and dedication is unrivalled. Actively and tirelessly pushing research and development to the foreground, our mission is to develop forward-thinking technologies that anticipate and satisfy the needs of customers – to save time, mitigate risks, dramatically reduce capital and operational costs and deliver competitive advantage.


Following years of intense R&D, Barnfind Technologies AS was registered in Sandefjord, Norway in December 2012 by a group of well-known, industry veterans. The founders pooled their considerable experience to design a signal neutral platform that offers many functions and supports numerous different signal formats in one frame. Barnfind’s 1RU chassis provides the same functionality as the competition is 3-6 RU! We handle many signal formats in one frame and we supply fiber transport solutions, multiplexing, routing, conversion, distribution, IP/Ethernet, 4K 60p workflows, world class CAM-CCU solutions etc. Beyond Barnfind’s powerful capabilities, our unique approach also saves customers valuable real estate (rack space), power consumption and money. Barnfind is one of the greenest company in the Video business. Ideally suited for the Television-Broadcast, Service Providers and Post Production markets.
Blackmagic Design has grown rapidly to become one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology. And that's because our philosophy is refreshing and simple - to help true creativity blossom.
Blackmagic Design's founders have had a long history in post-production editing and engineering. With extensive experiences in high-end telecine, film and post, harnessed with a real passion for perfection, Blackmagic set out to change the industry forever.
A company dedicated to quality and stability and focusing on where it's needed most; Blackmagic has created some of the most talked about products in the industry. World famous for their unbeatable codecs, Blackmagic envisioned truly affordable high-end quality editing workstations built upon Blackmagic software and hardware.


Cobalt is known for creating award-winning, unique solutions that maximize capacity and packaging economy, and you’ll find evidence of our quality in both our product design and advanced manufacturing. Unique engineering advances such as glitch-free audio resync are found in our principle frame sync products and event-based automated card setup. We manufacture all of our products in the USA using the latest in advanced components and multilayer PCB technology. And it’s all backed by our five-year warranty.
Numerous and varied organizations rely on Cobalt Digital for their most demanding signal-processing applications. You’ll find the Cobalt name in major broadcast networks, production environments, mobile operations, ENG operations, and TV stations worldwide.


Decimator Design is an Australian based company that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced video broadcast solutions.
Products such as the flagship Decimator and now the Decimator 2 have set new industry standards for high-quality, cost effective broadcast equipment solutions. Not just satisfied with the success of the Decimator 2, Decimator Design has also added the award winning DMON-12S, DMON-6S, DMON-4S, MD-QUAD, MD-DUCC and MD-CROSS to its impressive product line-up.
Decimator Design’s products are known worldwide for their quality and reliability, making it an easy choice for any engineer or media professional.


Operating as one of the leading manufacturers of KVM extenders, switches and matrix switches over many years has enabled us to gain solid knowledge in developing and manufacturing our products. The ways in which our broad product portfolio can be combined even in large and complicated projects never ceases to amaze our customers. Already impressive in their basic version, our product variants are even more versatile when combined together.
A pioneer in high performance streaming solutions, Haivision continues to innovate in the areas of live hardware and software encoding/decoding, video stream transport and management.
Haivision delivers high quality, low latency and reliability throughout the entire IP video lifecycle – from the contribution of video to the recording and management of media assets, through to the publication and distribution of video content to your audiences, regardless of location or device.


Hitomi's name means "pupil of the eye" in Japanese and it can also mean "wisdom, intellect" (hito) and "beautiful" (mi). Hitomi Broadcast was founded by two masterminds who bring with them many decades of experience in the industry from a number of major broadcast manufacturers. The company is operated from Slough in Berkshire, UK and is dedicated to helping customers achieve exceptional live broadcasts, effortlessly. Their technology is now integrated into numerous systems worldwide and is used by a multitude of high caliber events and productions. It's flagship product 'MatchBox' solves your lip-sync, coherence, line identification, audio level monitoring problems.


JVC offers a complete line of professional equipment for the broadcast and professional video marketplace including studio cameras, professional camcorders, 3D and 4K camcorders, Blu-ray recorders and precision HD studio monitors. JVC's original D-ILA projection technology is widely used in projection systems for simulation and high end home theaters. JVC is also a world leader in analog and IP video surveillance products.


Leader Electronics Corporation has earned a worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing highly reliable, practical and cost-effective test and measurement instruments. Leader products are specified for research, development, broadcast, production and service applications. Manufacturing quality is built in every step of the way. Less than 0.1% of all Leader products made are ever returned for warranty repair or adjustment.
The Leader product range includes award-winning 3G/HD/SD SDI waveform monitors and rasterizing test instruments with customizable layout. Among available options are 4K/UHD, CIE color chart, HDR measurement, test pattern generation, eye and jitter measurement and closed caption display, IP and 12G SDI. Leader has helped many customers manage their transition from analog to digital, from SD to HD, from HD to 4K/UHD, from SDR to HDR and from BT.709 to BT.2020 wide color gamut. Leader also provides dependable support for the transition from SDI to IP.


Matrox Video Products Group is a technology and market leader in the field of HD and SD digital video hardware and software for accelerated H.264 encoding, realtime editing, audio/video input/output, streaming, A/V signal conversion, capture/playout servers, channel-in-a box systems, and CGs. Matrox's Emmy award-winning technology powers a full range of multi-screen content creation and delivery platforms used by broadcasters, telcos, cable operators, post-production facilities, videographers, and A/V professionals worldwide.
Matrox Video Products Group focuses on two business areas: sales of hardware and software development tools to original equipment manufacturers under the Matrox DSX brand; and sales to end users of a variety of products such as I/O cards and devices for editing and streaming, scan converters, mini converters and multiviewers.


Miravid solutions help companies improve the quality of their video services and address the challenges of digital video delivery that Broadcasters, Video Service Operators, Content Providers, and Video Compression teams face daily. By giving our customers the ability to monitor, analyze, and optimize their video, they can assure the best quality of every viewing experience is delivered.


The Panasonic broadcast and professional AV range offers some of the best performing products in the industry. Their AVC-Intra codec complies with the international standard MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 and is based on advanced motion compression technology. It offers broadcast professionals both brilliant image quality and high compression with an intra-frame compression system.
Their AVCCAM camera recorders use the AVCHD format for tapeless recording, with high image quality and low bit rates. With double compression efficiency of HDV (MPEG-2), the AVCCAM series offers you comprehensive HD recording.
The Panasonic professional range of transmitter offers you a complete end-to-end solution. From HD studio cameras, convertible systems and live and live switches to HD recorders, HD / SD monitors and energy-efficient LCD monitors.


Key to the success of Phabrix is the Sx handheld test and measurement series. These innovative ground-breaking portable instruments each provide a combined generator, analyser and monitoring solution and is now the de facto handheld portable broadcasting testing solution in many of the world’s broadcasters and technology manufacturers.
The Phabrix brand is synonymous with innovative broadcast products and exceptional value. The company continues to lead by providing solutions throughout the broadcast chain, with focus on the transition from HD to UHD/4K, SDI to IP and SDR to HDR.


Plura is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance multi-function monitors (up to 84″) including 4K and Timing/Synchronization solutions engineered for digital broadcast and professional video production. Plura products offer an incomparable feature set, superior picture quality and extraordinary value and reliability. Plura is known for truly affordable high-end features built upon core technology. The company’s solutions include studio and portable video monitors, studio production timer, Time-code displays & Time-code PCIe cards, test and measurement equipment and software, character/template-driven graphics generators, and digital signage systems.


Roland's Pro A/V Division supplies the commercial and performance audio/video industries with application specific equipment. Our products address applications for houses of worship, clubs/casinos, theaters/performing arts centers and rental and staging venues. The company has offices worldwide. Since 2012 Roland has been selected in the top 100 companies for streaming products by Streaming Media Magazine.


Ross Video’s customer base is global and diverse, and provides the revenue stability that enables the company to navigate challenging times, continue to grow to grow and invest in the future. Among other things, Ross Video is a leader in the production switcher market with more than 4,500 digital systems shipped to date. Ross Video number one in sports stadiums, supplying behind-the-scenes equipment to deliver feeds to video boards and in-stadium display systems. Manufacturer of OverDrive, the leader in automated production control with over 300 systems. Ross manufactures openGear® and is a key player in fiber-optic transmission.They have a graphics platform that is not only the fastest growing solution on the market, but also enjoys major adoption. Last but not least, Ross Video provides the switchers that are used by top music acts!


At Sennheiser, they want to shape the future of audio by creating unique sound experiences for our customers. As a family business, they are just as proud of our three-generation history and past achievements in the audio world as they are of our ambition to shape the future.
The world of audio can offer new ways of listening, impressive sound experiences and goosebumps: at Sennheiser, they want to excel in shaping such experiences every day. Since the company was founded, they have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, speakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems.


At Sony, they’ve been working alongside professionals for over 50 years. It is through the experiences of working together, forging strong business partnerships that they strive to understand our customers’ needs and the challenges they face. Together with their market-leading technologies and expertise, they develop bespoke solutions to enable individuals across various industries to bring their ideas forward. Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of everything they do. Sony is committed to making your aspirations a reality. Live Your Vision.


All of the customers of Trilogy share a common need: real-time communication using equipment that is easy to understand and intuitive to operate. Their broadcast clients rely on Trilogy communications solutions for live news and sports events where fast moving action necessitates instructions to be passed clearly and quickly to both talent and production staff. Trilogy equipment is now being used by a range of other sectors that recognise the value of high performance communication solutions that can be tuned to the specific needs of their environment and processes.
In August 2016, Trilogy Communications became a wholly-own subsidiary of Clear-Com, LLC, trusted global provider of professional real-time communications solutions and services.


TVLogic is a leader in the designing, manufacturing and developing high-performance HD video equipment for the digital broadcast and professional video markets. With extensive experiences in high-end broadcast, HD video, harnessed with a real passion for practicality, TVLogic was set up to provide high performance products for broadcast, postproduction and multimedia monitoring.


If you are looking for professional, cost-effective ways to acquire, produce and distribute live video? Then TVU Networks has the solution for you. When you look for a solution with the lowest possible latency even in locations with limited or variable bandwidth. This is powered by H.265 encoding and our patented IS+ transmission algorithm. Use TVU for live transmission over the public internet with true 4K 50/60fps, HDR, 4:2:2, 10-bit video quality, using as little as 3Mbps bandwidth.


Through the introduction of the AMP-1A in-rack audio monitor to the broadcast industry in 1989, Wohler Technologies began providing television networks worldwide with audio monitoring solutions for space-critical environments.
Building on the success of the AMP-1A, Wohler Technologies continued to develop products that simplify analog and digital source monitoring in facilities of all sizes and complexity. In 1997 the company introduced its video division and began offering monitoring technology for video signals. Throughout the past three decades, Wohler Technologies have continued to evolve with the needs of customers and was the first to introduce monitoring solutions for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and Dolby®.


Zero Density is an international technology company dedicated to develop creative products for the industries such as broadcasting, live events and e-sports. Zero Density offers the next level of production with real-time visual effects. It provides Unreal Engine native platform, Reality Engine®, with advanced real-time broadcast compositing system and its proprietary keying technology, Reality Keyer®.