Here's an overview of the brands we can provide in the world of transmission and delivery. As  known in this industry, a lot of equipment is user specific and needs consultancy that we can provide to find the right solution for you. Feel free to contact us!


Ateme has and will continue to transform video delivery. Ateme was the first to market with a 10bit 422 solution, the first production ready HEVC & HDR, and recently, the first true video delivery NFV software solution, designed to lead and win the service providers transition to video datacenter. To complement our cutting-edge technology, Ateme has partnered with leaders such as Intel, Apple and Microsoft to create the best in class video delivery solutions.
Ateme is a leading member of forms, and organizations, such as the DVB and SMPTE. ATEME actively participated at the ITU in the standardization of HEVC in 2013. In June 2014 ATEME joined the Alliance for Open Media to help develop an open and royalty-free video codec.


Our catalog included products such as power dividers, 60dB isolators, DC blocks, low loss microwave cable assemblies as well as other more sophisticated and customized products such as the PTR-24 test receiver, the TISH-40 terrestrial interference survey horn and the WCA-4 waveguide adapter.
Continued innovation and Development of technology has enabled us to now offer a wide range of spectrum analyzers for the broadcast, teleport, defence, aerospace, wireless, oil& gas communications market segments.


At CommScope tey push the boundaries of communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks. Across the globe, their people and solutions are redefining connectivity, solving today’s challenges and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of what’s next.
In 2019, CommScope acquired ARRIS and RUCKUS. The combined companies provide greater technology, solutions and employee talent, with broader access to new and growing markets. This combination created a communications company with unmatched breadth, depth and capabilities. Never has our potential been so great.


Comtech Xicom Technology has grown to be a world leading satellite communications (satcom) amplifier supplier, offering the broadest product line in the industry.
Regarded as an industry leader across the board, Xicom provides rugged, highly efficient and reliable Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs), Klystron Power Amplifiers (KPAs), Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), and Block Upconverters (BUCs) for commercial and broadband applications around the world. These Xicom High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) are in use in critical communications links on the ground, in the air and on the sea; they support fixed traditional and direct-to-home broadcast, mobile news gathering, transportable and flyaway systems, secure high data rate communications, and broadband access over satcom.

In 2022, DTC Domo Broadcast and Broadcast Wireless Systems and have joined forces to form Domo Broadcast Systems (DBS) to enhance service and lead innovation in the broadcast industry.
At the forefront of the wireless broadcast industry, DBS provides real technical and operational benefits to newsgathering, live production and other high profile applications.
As a world-class, global supplier of wireless links, we offer high-quality, DVB-T low delay broadcast transmit, receive and IP solutions. These have been designed specifically for electronic newsgathering, outside broadcast, mesh networks, satellite newsgathering, live motor and sports coverage, portable field monitoring and video assist applications.


Enensys Technologies designs and manufactures innovative professional equipment and software enabling Efficient Video Delivery over Terrestrial (ATSC3.0, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, HbbTV…), Satellite (DVB-S/S2/S2X) & Telecom Networks (4G/5G, IPTV, OTT). They also provide Test & Monitoring equipment with the TestTree brand.
With the recent acquisition of Expway, a world leader for Mobile Phone and Set Top Box middleware, Enensys’ solutions are now covering the entire Media Delivery Chain, from the head-end all the way down to the receiver. Mastering the complete delivery chain creates huge possibilities taking the Network to the next level.


ETL Systems has been designing and manufacturing RF equipment since 1984.
In 2013 it received its third Queens Award for Enterprise, marking impressive growth in International Trade, and is now one of the world’s leading RF manufacturers to the Satellite industry. ETL’s heritage is in designing satellite signal routing solutions for Broadcasters, who demand hi-levels of RF performance, as well as redundancy and resilience.
In 2019, ETL Systems successfully acquired Atlantic Microwave Ltd, a leading provider of microwave components and satellite communication test equipment. Atlantic Microwave offer a range of complementary RF products and are also very focused on customisation of its RF range.


General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies specializes in providing a wide range of high quality, cost-effective Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) products including fixed terminals, transportable and commercial grade antennas, and customizable specialty products. Available in offset or axisymmetric designs, our VSAT antennas come in a variety of different feeds and sizes to fit your application. Our VSAT offset, fixed antennas are available in C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka Bands for RxTx networks. Their axisymmetric commercial quality RxO antennas are available in C and Ku Bands.


A pioneer in high performance streaming solutions, Haivision continues to innovate in the areas of live hardware and software encoding/decoding, video stream transport and management.
Haivision delivers high quality, low latency and reliability throughout the entire IP video lifecycle – from the contribution of video to the recording and management of media assets, through to the publication and distribution of video content to your audiences, regardless of location or device.


The Broadcast product line consists of the next generation of broadcast DVB compliant modems and modulators and multi-carrier gateways specifically designed for broadcast applications. The product line supports the DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X, next to the legacy DVB-S and DVB-DSNG standards, in order to achieve very high efficiency. The unit can act as a single transport stream modulator, demodulator or modem.


Since 1962 the company designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art broadcasting TV transmitters in Solid State and IOT technology, liquid and air cooled.
Itelco Broadcast business lines, i.e. supply of radio television transmitters, design for scientific and medical applications, design of “turn-key” and/or custom projects, set full attention and committment in offering very high level technologies, range top performances, quality and exibility.


NOVELSAT is an innovator and a leading provider of next-generation content connectivity solutions over satellite. Powered by our innovative technology, our solutions are transforming network capabilities to drive new experiences and expand growth potential.


Starting with the MPEG-2 LSI "VASA", which has become the de facto standard in the broadcasting and telecommunication systems, NTT Electronics is working to upgrade the consumer LSI line-up and develop products using H.264/AVC next-generation imagery compression technology. With the expansion of digital broadcasting, these LSIs are being used by a wide range of domestic and foreign electrical appliance manufacturers and broadcasting equipment manufacturers. They are also developing miniature and lightweight codec equipment and monitory system products.


Since 1999 a start-up led by enthusiastic engineer had grown into multinational vendor having a diverse porfolio of competitive products used by large mobile operators and thousands of customers with tremendous profile variety all across the globe. To expand its business even more, SAF takes full use of creative capacity of its talented staff. Recently introduced SAF Integra – the world’s most compact system for licenced spectrum, as well as Spectrum Compact – unique state-of-the-art spectrum monitoring tool, are the inevitable milestones on the path of our historic development. Quite natural fruits of the carefully nourished tree of customized solutions.


Satmission was founded on the ability and know-how to create professional satellite antenna systems for the broadcast industry. As a natural evolution of the company, Satmission now also targets the rapidly growing streaming media market.
Satmission’s satcom systems are designed, produced and tested in a very demanding arctic environment. This guarantees that our satcom systems can handle even the most extreme conditions. Transmission performance remains reliable in spite of frost, ice, snow and rain. The same is true for sand, dust and heat.
The reliability and longevity of our products speaks volumes of the quality of design and manufacturing that comes from outstanding in-house electrical and mechanical know-how.


SpacePath Communications manufactures and designs a wide range of high-power travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA), redundant system controllers and sub-systems. They also offer a comprehensive range of solid state amplifiers (SSPA) providing small, lightweight, efficient power solutions covering all uplink frequencies. Backed by extensive industry experience, our satellite professionals provide in-depth engineering assistance, unparalleled customer service and world-wide technical support.


Swedish Microwave (SMW) is a leading manufacturer of professional Low Noise Block downconverters (LNB) for the satellite market. The products are used in VSAT systems (Very Small Aperture Terminals), SNGs (Satellite News Gathering), Cable-TV headends, and Satcom-On-The-Move applications.
All work is in-house allowing custom-design products, short delivery times, high flexibility, quick service and support.
Since Swedish Microwave (SMW) was started, the business has seen many companies come and go. Today they are Europe’s oldest manufacturer of Low Noise Block converters (LNBs), serving a global market.


Teledyne Paradise Datacom, a division of Teledyne Defense Electronics, LLC, designs, manufactures and sells satellite modems, solid state power amplifiers (SSPA), low noise amplifiers (LNA), block up converters (BUC) and associated redundancy subsystems. We deliver satellite communications products around the world.
Paradise Datacom was acquired by Teledyne Technologies Inc. Since then Paradise has continued to address a worldwide market for satellite modems and associated RF products.


Teracue offers professional end-to-end transmission and live video streaming via IP networks. The signal can be transmitted cabled via LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network), or via LTE or satellite connection. During live video transmission, video signals (HDMI/SDI/DVI) are directly encoded on the spot, or received via DVB and fed into the network. Direct transmission via the local IP network results in just a minimal delay in the signal, which is then transmitted to the destination and decoded there.


At Terrasat communications they are committed to the advancement of L-band Block Upconverter technology into an expanding range of satellite applications. They pioneered the industry shift to L-band technology as an alternative to earlier 70 MHz RF transceivers with products that perform better, simplify terminal design, and reduce our customers’ satellite terminal investment.
Terrasat offers an alternative to the expense and complexity of 70 MHz transceivers – the IBUC – Intelligent Block Upconverter. The IBUC is a complete line of high-performance C,  X,  Ku,  & Ka-band BUCs. We combine the BUC & SSPA into a single, compact outdoor enclosure for a simpler, more reliable installation.


If you are looking for professional, cost-effective ways to acquire, produce and distribute live video? Then TVU Networks has the solution for you. When you look for a solution with the lowest possible latency even in locations with limited or variable bandwidth. This is powered by H.265 encoding and our patented IS+ transmission algorithm. Use TVU for live transmission over the public internet with true 4K 50/60fps, HDR, 4:2:2, 10-bit video quality, using as little as 3Mbps bandwidth.


The wide dynamic range and broadband nature of ViaLite technology supports the transmission of data of any modulation type with minimal degradation.  A diverse range of applications is catered for by ViaLite products, optimized for specific applications including:  satcom teleports, satellite ground stations, satellite downlinks, VSAT, interfacility linking, cellular networks, TV broadcast and GPS timing signal distribution.
ViaLite is a market leader in satcom terminal equipment.  Its success is derived from innovative RF design, ergonomics and exacting compliance to the majority of commercial standards.


With over 50 years of combined corporate experience, and a field engineer division that averages over 20 years of experience per person, Vislink Technologies can guide a project from initial concept, through trial and design refinement, to final installation and commissioning.
From performing the initial survey of a candidate location, to defining tower requirements and constructing towers, facilities and custom constructions, to customer handoff of a fully operational TV station, we have the expertise to handle projects of any size and complexity.


Wisi Norden designs, develops, manufactures and sells high-quality hardware and software products and other electronic equipment for professional distribution and communication of TV, radio and data signals. The focus is mainly on digital TV transmissions via cable TV, IPTV, satellite and digital terrestrial transmissions. Their mission is to provide our customers with unique software-based headend solutions suitable for all sizes and formats.


WorldCast Systems is a broadcast industry veteran with over 60 years of experience engineering advanced radio and tv solutions for large network operators, regulation authorities, and media content providers worldwide.  Their expertise covers the entire broadcast chain from field contribution to audio transmission, RDS encoding, signal monitoring, measurement, and telemetry. Simply put, they build solutions that enable broadasters to deliver high quality, reliable, great sounding content to their audiences across the world.