DigiNet is your ATEME certified reseller for Belgium and The Netherlands!

Ateme is a French broadcast equipment company specialized in video compression H.265 / HEVC; MPEG4; MPEG2 encoding / decoding solutions for contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

DigiNet is certified reseller for Ateme in Belgium and The Netherlands.
2013 DigiNet won Partner Award "Best Performance"
2015 DigiNet won Partner Award "Special Jury Award"

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TITAN© Live is a high video quality, high density software compression solution, designed for Cable, DTH, OTT Live delivery of SD, HD and Ultra HD content. TITAN Live is a True virtualized software based solution, pure CPU solution, hardware agnostic, running on any host: Linux, Virtual Machines and Micro-Services.

TITAN© Live is based on ATEME 5th Generation STREAM© compression engine, delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with accelerated parallel processing.

Addressing main screens and multiscreen applications, from small resolutions up to UHDp60, TITAN©Live addresses current and future requirements.

TITAN© Live is a complete distribution solution: Encoder, Transcoder, Multiplexer, Statmux, Packager and Origin.

With powerful user interface, management system and extensive set of APIs, TITAN Live can easily integrate with any ecosystem, reducing time-to-market and OPEX.

Key Features:
  • High Video Quality – High Density
  • Pure CPU solution, Linux, Windows, VM
  • Mobile to UHD resolutions
  • HEVC, H264, MPEG2
  • Low-Latency mode
  • Audio levelling
  • Channel branding – logo insertion
  • Optimized statistical multiplexing over IP
  • Flexible Redundancy Scheme 1+1, N+1, N+M


TITAN Mux is a scalable stream processing solution for broadcast, cable, satellite over the top and network applications.

TITAN Mux can be easily incorporated into any existing headend for supporting digital turnaround services. The TITAN Mux scalable design reduces deployment time, enables adding new services on the fly and support any video, audio and data service.

TITAN Mux can be controlled by ATEME management system, and easily integrate with any NMS using REST API. TITAN Mux is a true hardware and OS agnostic solution running on any server, any form factor, bare-metal OS as well Virtual Machines.

TITAN Mux includes support for IP input-output and support for legacy ASI headend using PCIe ASI cards.

TITAN Mux eliminates operational headaches and ensures high scalability and flexibility and availability.

Key Features
  • Multiplexing of any MPEG service
  • On-the-fly configuration
  • Any redundancy scheme support
  • Conditional Access support
  • Ad-Insertion Support


TITAN© Origin is an agile, high density software Origin Server, Packaging and Recording solution, designed for Live and On Demand OTT delivery of SD, HD and Ultra HD content.

TITAN Origin improves multi-screen delivery and Headend storage resources by featuring any ABR Just-In-Time Packaging (JITP). In addition, TITAN Origin optimizes network efficiency and caching thanks to an intelligent manifest file selection. TITAN Origin supports advanced services like Start-Over, Time-Shifting and Catch-up TV increasing Return On Investment for Content Providers and Service Providers.

TITAN Origin can be controlled by ATEME Management System, and easily integrate with any NMS using REST API. TITAN Origin is a true hardware and OS agnostic solution running on any server, any form factor, bare-metal OS as well Virtual Machines. TITAN Origin can be deployed on-premises or off-premises, in the Headend or in the CDN at the edge.

Key Features
  • Any Standard Adaptive Bit Rate, Any Codec
  • Mobile to UHD resolutions
  • Just-In-Time Packaging
  • Pure CPU solution, Linux, Windows, VM
  • Internal Recording
  • Multi-DRM support
  • Direct Interface with CDN


ATEME Management System (AMS) provides control and management of both ATEME products and over 4,000 third-party products.

AMS is based on open platform, with industry standard APIs, controls any task and product, hardware or software based, including virtualized environment.

AMS is designed for 24×7 operations and can run on standard hardware platform or in a virtualized environment; with automated failure detection, redundancy and recovery, which ensures continuous operation.

Pay-as-you-grow software licensing enables users to add services and products as needed, and easily modify current channels and add new channels with minimal service disruption.

AMS offers secure administration and comprehensive monitoring of tasks. With intuitive, web based user interface, it can be used with any PC and mobile device.

Key Features:
  • Ensures 24×7 operation with automated failure detection and recovery
  • Secure operation with user rights and profiles management
  • Intuitive & user-friendly interface
  • Support for over 4,000 products
  • Seamless integration using standard APIs
  • PC, Mac, VM, Mobile clients