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Vantage® is a powerful, scalable, software-enabled media processing platform that manages all media services from the camera to the point of distribution. Vantage allows content owners, producers, and distributors to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ingest, edit, transcode, QC, package, monetize, and distribute their media.


The Vantage Media Processing Platform offers a family of best-in-class video transcoding products for multiplatform distribution: broadcast, cable, VOD, IPTV, multiscreen OTT. Vantage transcoding products utilize the latest technologies to deliver pristine quality, exceptional processing speeds, plus the industry’s most extensive workflow automation & system support - on premise or in the cloud.


Scalable, intelligent workflow automation for file-based content production and multi-channel distribution. Vantage Media Processing Platform brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, and analysis into a single, unified system with the ability to automate complex decision making and workflow decisions - on premise or in the cloud.


The tight integration of Vantage with Avid systems enables significant gains in productivity for almost every type of Avid user, from small production houses to large broadcasters producing national news programs. These dramatic productivity gains are made possible by making filebased import and export processes faster, more automated, and less reliant on operator action. 
Vantage products can be integrated into a variety of simple and complex Avid workflows, to support users utilizing everything from standalone edit solutions to multiple resolutions MediaCentral/NEXIS shared storage systems.


Vantage Media Manager is a front end, media management UI for Mac and Windows that allows users to browse, preview, tag, trim and submit content manually in the most efficient way for processing within an existing Vantage system or in the cloud. Customized Workflows, submission dialogs, filtering and sorting tools, file navigation and a media browser allow for easy job submission and the ability submit only the exact content you need to process.


Vantage® is able to:
  • Convert from any color space to any other by means of…
  • User provided LUT file
  • Automatic tone mapping/color space converter
  • 3rd Party option for Vantage (i.e. ColorFront)
  • Convert, generate, or retain metadata
HDR Technologies Supported by Vantage:
  • HLG
  • PQ
  • HDR10
  • Dolby Vision
  • HDR10+



Add Lightspeed Servers to any Vantage Transcode product or Post Producer to accelerate video processing and H.264 transcoding with GPUs and multicore CPUs.
GPU AccelerationAccelerate video processing and H.264 encoding
Accelerate x264 encodingGet the best H.264 image quality for screens of any size with renowned x264 adaptive bitrate encoding


Telestream® Lightspeed® Live Stream delivers enterprise-class live streaming for media and entertainment companies, corporations, government agencies and educational facilities. It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution for live multiscreen services or combined with the Vantage Media Processing Platform via the optional Lightspeed Live Capture product. 
The ability control processing down to individual variants is a powerful force for quality, efficiency and density.
  • The x264 and x265 CODECs are widely regarded as the best available and Telestream includes them while supporting the open source community.
  • These combined with 8 and 16bit video processing allow important control and HDR delivery
  • This is a platform designed for UHD and 4k without compromises or additional charges
  • Partnerships with distribution, technology and destination platforms
  • Live Stream’s web user interface is a pleasure to use and allows administration and monitoring wherever your teams are
  • The ability to integrate Live Stream with Vantage via Live Capture is the most important advantage to stress in simplifying and empowering the combination of live and on-demand content.


Lightspeed® Live Capture is a highly scalable and flexible multiple channel capture solution for ingesting high resolution and proxy files for use in production, post-production or broadcast workflows. Includes professional RS422 VTR control for log and capture.
  • Lightspeed Live Capture is a 1RU appliance capable of
  • Capturing 4 channels of HD-SDI or 1 channel of 4K/UHD 
  • Encoding into any high quality video format you are likely to need
  • At frame rates up to 60 fps
  • And creating H.264 proxy files
  • Optional VTR transport controls and a log& capture application.
  • In addition it can capture from live IP inputs using common protocols.
  • With 16 bit video processing, it maintains the highest quality encoding for your current workflows, and enables future needs such as UHD, HDR, WCG etc..
  • It can operate stand alone, in a multi-server capture farm or fully integrated with a Vantage workflow management system.
  • Lightspeed Live Capture is a future-proof choice for all your live video and VT capture needs, at a mid-range price per channel.



Telestream’s family of file-based QC software ensures your content meets the high standards that consumers have come to expect. Whether you’re a small Post-Production facility or a large broadcaster, there is a solution to meet your needs.
Removes the labor intensive tasks of checking conformance by eye and hand, the need to check video/ audio compliance with waveform monitors and audio loudness meters, and to manually correct levels with video processing amplifiers, and other tools.
  • Very easy to install and configure
  • Auto-template reduces the complex task of creating test templates to just two clicks
  • Easy-to-read reports that include user-configurable alert messages in any language
  • PSE Flash Pattern test included
  • Automatic error correction- audio, video, PSE
  • The Vidchecker product line seamlessly combines manual and automated QC for the most common (>90%) QC use-cases.


Most customers won't tell you there's a problem with your video. They'll just find something else to watch. Telestream’s iQ solutions can manage and measure video quality from the source, at the edge, and at key points in between.

  • Manage all video quality data in one platform 
  • Understand the root cause of network problems
  • Reduce mean-time-to-repair system issues 
  • Long-term trending and analysis to benchmark and improve operations