AVID Pro Tools HDX Bundle - Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Chassis - MTRX Studio - Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License
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Pro Tools HDX Core bundled with Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License, MTRX Studio and Thunderbolt 3 Desktop chassis Power to push limits In recording studios and on soundstages, Pro Tools | HDX Systems make the world’s biggest productions possible. The HDX PCIe card is the real-time mixing
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Product Category Audio Systems
Brand Avid

Pro Tools HDX Core bundled with Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License, MTRX Studio and Thunderbolt 3 Desktop chassis

Power to push limits

In recording studios and on soundstages, Pro Tools | HDX Systems make the world’s biggest productions possible. The HDX PCIe card is the real-time mixing and processing engine at the heart of a fully optimized Pro Tools hardware, software, and control surface system. More powerful than any other DSP solution, it delivers precision-timed mixing, routing, automation, and plugin performance to accelerate the most demanding music and audio post workflows, without taxing your computer’s CPU. Engineered for the highest performance, customization, and expansion, Pro Tools | HDX empowers you to deliver your best, most creative work without constraint.

From multi-operator Dolby Atmos mixes, to mission-critical ADR, Pro Tools | HDX is the engine that drives audio post production for the most watched films and TV shows. Audio post facilities require the guaranteed performance, lowest latency, and expansive surround and immersive audio workflows that HDX Systems deliver. Achieve zero audible latency when tracking ADR, voiceovers, and Foley, enabling talent to deliver their best performances in fewer takes. Work with up to 192 I/O channels and 2,048 voices to handle the largest sessions. And sync and control up to 12 Pro Tools | Ultimate systems as one from a single transport using Satellite Link. Plus, every system element provides deep EUCON integration, so you rarely have to touch your keyboard and mouse, making automation written with an Avid control surface precise, snappy, and accurate.

Get uncompromising performance

With 18 DSP cores per card, up to 192 I/O channels, and only 0.7 ms monitoring latency, Pro Tools | HDX delivers unmatched DSP power and the guaranteed performance to remove barriers from any workflow. Record and mix demanding sessions with ease—from tracking the biggest bands and orchestras, to delivering Dolby Atmos mixes. And get precision frame edge alignment when working with sound for picture using Sync X.

Record and mix with intelligent Pro Tools integration

The Hybrid Engine maximizes performance by using DSP and native processing in concert, so your HDX System feels faster and more responsive as you move between tracking and mixing. Run massive sessions smoothly on your computer, with up to 2,048 voices, taking advantage of its robust processing power. And get DSP power on demand from HDX when you want to record with near-zero latency or free up your CPU to handle more virtual instruments.

Scale your system for any project

Whether tracking a 5-piece band, full orchestra, or re-recording a theatrical Dolby Atmos mix, you can scale the system's DSP and physical I/O to any project requirement—up to 192 channels. Choose from a variety of interfaces and connectivity options. And assemble your ideal combination of I/O, monitoring, routing, and speaker tuning capabilities that offer the highest sound quality, flexibility, and adaptability for any workflow. You can even sync workstations for dual-operator workflows.

Maximize Pro Tools performance with the Hybrid Engine

The Hybrid Engine uses native and DSP processing cooperatively to maximize Pro Tools performance. Your computer handles all processing, voice count, and mixing, enabling you to record and mix big sessions smoothly with up to 2,048 voices. Then, when you need to supplement your CPU power or record, it gives you on-demand access to the ultra-low latency capabilities of HDX. Simply put a track in DSP Mode to offload its entire signal chain and AAX DSP-compatible plugins to HDX. And toggle back to native processing at the touch of a button, so you can move seamlessly between tracking and mixing without the hassle of latency.

Track with near-zero latency

This enables vocalists, musicians, voiceover artists, and other talent to deliver their best performances when recording, without technology getting in the way. HDX DSP powers all mixing, routing, automation, and processing, enabling the system to achieve exceptionally low monitoring latency—just 0.7 ms. The lowest in the industry

Experience pure power

With 18 DSP cores and two high-performance FPGA chips, the Pro Tools | HDX PCIe card is a powerhouse. Finely tuned to process thousands of audio streams at staggering speeds, the central FPGA rapidly routes signal with near-zero latency, while the DSPs handle mixer and real- time plugin processing at an amazing 6.3 GHz aggregate clip. The result? Dedicated horsepower to mix the biggest sessions. And immense performance to record directly into them—with real- time AAX DSP plugins.

Get reliability you can count on

The HDX Engine matches its phenomenal performance with rock-solid reliability. The second FPGA guarantees 256 voices per PCIe card. And it streams audio to and from your host CPU at uniform 32-bit float precision, preserving the highest possible audio quality throughout the system's gain structure. So, when the work is mission critical and you press record, you're backed by exceptional, unwavering capability that you can depend on.

Add more power to your production

HDX Systems support up to three PCIe cards, so you can meet the scope of any project. Record the largest orchestras with maximum DSP power and up to 192 I/O channels. And work with Dolby Atmos immersive audio with all the channels you need for mixing and interfacing with the Dolby RMU. Its extraordinary, scalable capabilities make the most demanding music and audio post productions possible.

Get high fidelity in and out of your system

The HDX PCIe card features two DigiLink ports and one DigiSerial Port, enabling you to connect Pro Tools hardware to your system. The uniquely designed DigiLink connector provides support for 64 channels of I/O and ensures the highest audio fidelity in and out of the HDX Engine. It also enables Pro Tools to automatically compensate for hardware insert delays. The DigiSerial Port is part of a patented technology, providing unmatched sample-accurate synchronization of video frame edges with audio when connected to Avid sync peripherals, like Sync X.

Add the I/O and capabilities you need

Pro Tools systems are modular and expandable, enabling you to customize your HDX System with every analog, digital, Dante, MADI, clocking, monitoring, routing, and other capabilities you need. Streamline music studios and multi-workstation rerecording systems with Pro Tools | MTRX. Outfit lean project studios with MTRX Studio or HD OMNI. And get sample-accurate frame edge alignment for audio post with Sync X.

Work more flexibly with AAX DSP

AAX DSP plugins give you the best of both worlds. DSP when you need it. Native processing when you don't. That's because every AAX DSP plugin has a native counterpart that sounds equally as brilliant. Record in real time with DSP power. Then switch to Native Mode and use the same plugins. With or without your HDX hardware attached.

Mix with more plugins

With the ability for 64-bit double precision processing, the AAX plugin architecture delivers unmatched dynamic range and sound quality. Because a single plugin can access both low- and high-latency signal networks, CPU intensive effects run with incredible efficiency. This gives you the creative freedom to use the plugins you want, when you want, and have total confidence that your system will keep up.

Create with a growing plugin platform

Pro Tools | Ultimate comes with access to 115 plugins to get you started, including over 70 AAX DSP plugins. But the universe of AAX DSP effects extends way beyond that with over 250 plugins—and growing—available from the most respected plugin manufacturers in audio, including Antares, Brainworx, McDSP, Softube, Sonnox, and more.

What's included:
  • Pro Tools Ultimate Perpetual License (with 1 Year Support)
  • Thunderbolt 3 Desk Chassis
  • Pro Tools HDX Core PCIe
  • Pro Tools MTRX Studio
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