AJA 8-lane PCIe 2.0 card 8-in/8-out, fanless version
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Section Internal Video IO
Item number 142921
Product category Capture Devices
Brand AJA
Interface PCIe
Audio Input SDI Embedded
Audio Output SDI Embedded
Video Input 3G-SDI HD-SDI SDI
Video Output 3G-SDI HDMI HD-SDI RJ-45(IP) SDI
Application Video Editing
Platform Linux Mac Windows
Supported Resolutions 1280 x 720p/50fps 1280 x 720p/59.94fps 1280 x 720p/60fps 1920 x 1080i/25fps 1920 x 1080i/29.97fps 1920 x 1080i/30fps 1920 x 1080p/23.976fps 1920 x 1080p/24fps 1920 x 1080p/25fps 1920 x 1080p/29.97fps 1920 x 1080p/30fps 1920 x 1080psf/23.976fps 1920 x 1080psf/24fps 1920 x 1080psf/25fps 1920 x 1080psf/29.97fps 2048 x 1080p 2048 x 1080PsF 3840 x 2160p 4096 x 2160p
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