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The V-02HD MK II is the world’s easiest two-camera livestreaming solution.
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V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer Step Up Your Livestreams Compact and powerful streaming switcher with support for two HDMI cameras, 10-channel audio mixing, video effects, and more. Ditch the webcam and step up your livestreams with the Roland V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer. Compact,
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Product Family Switchers
Product category Production Switchers
Brand Roland
Video Output HDMI USB-C (Stream)
# of output 2
Special Effects Chroma Key Luma Key Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
Audio Output 3.5mm mini jack HDMI Embedded USB-C
Form factor Control Panel
Audio Input 3.5mm mini jack HDMI Embedded USB-C
Video Input HDMI
Features T-Bar
Switcher Type Presentation Web Streaming
# of sources 2

V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer

Step Up Your Livestreams

Compact and powerful streaming switcher with support for two HDMI cameras, 10-channel audio mixing, video effects, and more.

Ditch the webcam and step up your livestreams with the Roland V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer. Compact, affordable, and simple to use, this desktop device allows you to connect and switch two high-quality HDMI cameras and send them directly to your favorite streaming platform over USB-C. You can also mix in audio sources via dedicated inputs and HDMI, apply video effects and transitions, and more. With the V-02HD MK II, you have the interface you need to bring higher production values to your live video productions.

Simply Simple

The V-02HD MK II is the worlds easiest two-camera livestreaming solution. With its intuitive layout, large controls, and T-bar fader, its incredibly simple to operate, even if you have no broadcasting experience.

Go live in three quick steps:

1. Plug in up to two sources via HDMI, including cameras, computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.

2. Connect the USB-C output to your computer.

3. Launch your streaming software and select the V-02HD MK II as the camera source.

Stream with Every Platform

The V-02HD MK II connects to the streaming computer you already own and the audience you already have. Its instantly recognized as a camera source when you plug in via USB, so its ready to go for Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Zoom. It also integrates seamlessly with OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, StreamYard, and Restream for more advanced workflows. High-quality streaming up to 1080p/60 FPS is supported, and its possible to send two additional feeds to external HDMI devices via the Program Out and Preview Out if needed.

A Stress-Free Setup

When you use the V-02HD MK II, everything just works. Plug in your two HDMI sources and let Rolands advanced tech handle all the details, and say goodbye to computer driver conflicts, crashes, and other reliability issues that come with multiple USB webcams and HDMI-to-USB encoder adaptors.

HDMI Cameras for the Win

From talk shows and live demonstrations to artistic performances and beyond, cameras that support HDMI output will elevate the image quality in your streams and drive more audience engagement. They have much better lenses than any webcam and often have zoom capability to frame your perfect shot. You can connect a variety of different camera types to the V-02HD MK II. Whichever solution you choose, make sure it supports a clean HDMI output thats free of any overlayed information.

  • Good A smartphone or tablet with an HDMI adaptor offers a good option thats compact and easy to set up anywhere.
  • Better A point-and-shoot camera, action camera, or video camcorder with features like zoom and deeper exposure and focus control will take things even further.
  • Best A DSLR or mirrorless camera is the ultimate solution, offering the best image quality for a cinematic look, interchangeable lenses, and improved performance in low-light conditions.

Upgrade Your Sound Too

The V-02HD MK II also includes a 10-channel digital audio mixer with Rolands legendary sound quality. There are two audio inputs with 3.5 mm jacks, and each supports a microphoneincluding lavalier mics that require plug-in poweror stereo audio from a smartphone, mixer, or other device. Embedded stereo audio from your HDMI sources can be mixed in as well, including microphones connected to your cameras.

Switch with Your Feet

If you give demonstrations or perform in your livestreams, your hands are busy with that task. The V-02HD MK II supports control with up to two optional BOSS footswitches, allowing you to direct your stream without interrupting your presentation. Stomp on a footswitch to switch camera angles, cut to a static image, transition scene layouts, fade picture-in-picture windows, and more.

Go Deeper with Advanced Pro A/V Features

Out of the box, the V-02HD MK II gives you the dedicated controls you need to switch cameras and adjust video and audio sources when you go live. But if you want to dive deeper, theres a world of advanced features and custom assignments to explore. Connecting an HDMI monitor to the Preview Out provides a display for adjusting a vast range of functions from the V-02HD MK II panel. And with our remote control apps for iPad, macOS, and Windows,* you can operate the V-02HD MK II via an intuitive graphical interface.

*Remote control software for macOS and Windows will be available in late 2021.

More Audio Control

Access full mixing functions for all audio sources, add studio polish with compressor, EQ, and reverb, and have fun with formant shifting and robot sounds with the unique voice changer effect. Its also possible to independently delay the audio inputs and outputsincluding the headphones outputif you have any synchronization issues with your cameras.

Visual Effects and Scenes

Adding video effects and creating scenes has become easier with software, but they put a big burden on your computer. The V-02HD MK II provides a dedicated hardware solution that lightens that load. Via the preview monitor and apps, you can set up picture-in-picture windows, create titles and lower thirds, composite scenes, and much more.

Footswitch Assignment

If youve added footswitches to your system, you can set custom functions for them in the preview monitor and remote apps.

Wireless Camera Expansion with the AeroCaster Switcher

The purchase of a V-02HD MK II provides free access to Rolands AeroCaster Switcher for iPad, a powerful solution to cleanly expand your camera setup without the hassle of extra cables. With this unique app, you can wirelessly connect and switch up to five smartphone or tablet cameras, then output a combined program feed to the V-02HD MK II or another supported Roland switcher with HDMI input.

V-02HD MK II iPad Remote App

The dedicated V-02HD MK II Remote app turns an iPad into an efficient touch interface for the V-02HD MK II. Run essential switching functions, mix audio with virtual faders, change settings and effect parameters quickly, and create up to eight custom scenes for seamless setup changes.

V-02HD MK II RCS for macOS and Windows

With the V-02HD MK II RCS application for macOS and Windows,* you can control nearly all V-02HD MK II functions remotely from your computer via USB. V-02HD MK II RCS can run at the same time as your streaming software, allowing you to direct the entire production from your computer screen.

*V-02HD MK II RCS will be available in late 2021.

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