Lightware listens to the voices of people who are the engines of the AV industry – engineers, system designers, installers, AV rental experts – and we come to conclusions, ones helping Lightware to design and create new products. They have been doing the same since start and they intend to continue to do so in the future. Lightware wants to anticipate what’s coming and understand what people want, and create the technology destined to become the next big trend in the near future.

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LIGHTWARE Rental And Staging AV Market Solutions

Rental And Staging AV Market Solutions

Live events are often costly and you will only get one chance to make that first impression. Equipment for those events are typically rented, as a one-off show does not necessarily justify a big investment in equipment, which makes Rental and Staging services a substantial segment of the A/V market.

Rental & Staging industry players rely on Lightware equipment for their reliability, built-in segment-specific device features, and probably the best support services in the A/V manufacturing industry.

It is one of Lightware’s core values to develop and improve our products by listening to the voice, and delivering to the needs of the industry, which is especially true when it comes to Rental and Staging. We offer a wide range of equipment to meet the great variety of their audio, video and signal management needs.

Lightware devices feature services easing installation and serving secure and safe operation during the show. Most features are controllable from the front panel for quick and easy setting on the scene. MX series feature redundancy options for power source, with n+1 and n+2 redundant power supplies, possibly connecting to separate power lines.

Our latest ’R-type edition’ MX2-16x16-HDMI20-R and  MX2-24x24-HDMI20-R matrix switchers and their audio-enhanced variants are compatible with the HDMI 2.0 standard, have rugged, reinforced control RS-232 and Ethernet ports, and dual redundant power connectors to withstand the everyday wear and tear. The HDMI20-OPTC-TX/RX220 Pro optical extender pair is also designed for rental use with safety mounting threads on top and the side for truss bridges, hook-up loops on front and also available with several types of robust connector types. Our HDMI20-OPTJ-TX/RX90 optical extenders also feature a massive metal casing, while their extended length port saver HDMI and USB cables help easy placement and allow cable break-free long term use. You can also easily mount them anywhere thanks to the built-in loops for hook-and-loop fasteners (aka Velcro straps).

Our devices are designed and tested to qualify and exceed specifications and also customer expectation. Most parts are industrial grade with gold plated PCBs to ensure reliability and long lifetime.

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Lightware Corporate AV Market Solutions

Corporate AV Market Solutions

Collaboration, presentation and training rooms play a crucial role in corporate communication of today’s business world. Lightware has solutions for basically every signal management need in the corporate market. Intuitive user interfaces and front panel controls, plug and play operation, audio embedding and de-embedding: just a few features that make Lightware gear the optimal solution to equip any corporate collaboration space, no matter its size.

As a huge added value extra, Lightware TPS extenders, select matrix switchers and the modular MODEX optical extenders feature Event Manager, a free, built-in control feature which is easy to setup, modify and use. As Event Manager provides the necessary control in smaller configurations, there is no need to invest in a third party control system which is a substantial cost reduction and a great advantage.

Huddle Rooms usually have small budgets designated for its installation. Still, a relatively low budget solution can be to the point, like Lightware’s UMX-HDMI-140 switcher, which has multiport input for VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI and lots of features, like the built-in Event Manager control feature. No more wasting time preparing the room for a quick meeting: by simply plugging the cable of your laptop computer into the appropriate port of the switcher, users can start their presentation right away, as dimming lights, lowering screens or turning on or off several devices are all done automatically.

A Meeting Room requires a somewhat more sophisticated AV system. There is little time for preparing the AV gear and settings before meetings and meeting rooms are usually always busy. As the budget might not cover for the implementation of a control system, our built-in control solution, Event Manager can probably do all the work needed for that size of space as well. 

Conference Rooms serve the multitude of various presenters and media. Operation must be simple and smooth, so that operating the AV tech do not overshadow any sales presentation, get in the way of new ideas and collaboration. As presentations are shared from laptops, wireless devices, company servers, or portable media, the AV core of the system has to serve all those needs in one.

Enterprise AV is a network of AV distribution spanning over the whole corporate campus, to create a virtually infinite variety of configurations for presentations among colleagues at various locations throughout the spaces at the endpoints in the network. The installation needs to be flexible, easy to use for all, to accommodate just about any scenario, ranging from a simple single-room presentation to inter-department meetings among teams in separate buildings, and a company-wide presentation by the company CEO. 

Lightware Sports, Theatre And Entertainment AV Market Solutions

Lightware Sports, Theatre And Entertainment AV Market Solutions

When it comes to designing the AV system for a Sports, Theatre or Entertainment space, the system integrators need to consider the expectations and goals of people working at a sports venue, people on stage, people backstage and the people in the audience. One has to have a good insight into the sound system and communications requirements to design and create a perfect system application.

This is best achieved by working closely with the resident technical team and the best if Lightware also sends anengineer on site to select the optimal configuration of devices to achieve the desired goals and adjust plans if needed.

Lightware has always paid attention to the needs and wishes of certain AV markets and of course the real players working in the segments. As a direct result of ‘hearing the voice’ of people who build and install applications for stages in theatre and entertainment, we develop products like the HDMI-OPTC-TX_RX220-Pro, an optical extenderpair designed with stage applications in mind. It has a backup input port with an Autoswitch function, as the show must go on, even if the media player linked to the main input fails. And when the show starts, the LEDs can be switched off on the device front panel by enabling its ‘Dark Mode’, so that blinking lights around the stage should not disturb the audience.

The sturdy MX modular matrix series have already proven its reliability in HDBaseT and optical based configurations forwarding video and audio to far away stadium displays during long and uninterruptible championship hours.

Lightware Residential And Home AV Market Solutions

Lightware Residential And Home AV Market Solutions

Who would not want a true cinema experience in their own home? Lightware can provide your system design with the highest quality, most reliable signal management equipment a residential video network would ever need, even in Full 4K.

Imagine that you are in a cinema, but before the movie starts you will have to stand up, pull the shades and turn off the lights… This would sort of kill the magic, right?  So why would you do this in your home cinema, when the built-in Event Manager feature in the MMX series matrix switchers and other Lightware devices can do it for you? Just push a button on the control pad, let the magic happen and start the movie.

Our MX2 matrix router series delivers HDMI 2.0 compatibility and supports HDR and Dolby Vision for stunning colors and the best quality Full 4K video signal in home entertainment.

Training And Education AV Market Solutions

Lightware Training And Education AV Market Solutions

Nothing can help keeping up the attention of the students and ease the interaction between the lecturer and the listeners than a well-tuned and designed AV system. Operating the AV system in the lecturing halls should be easy, to allow everyone to concentrate on teaching and studying instead of bringing the video network alive.

Classrooms may prove to be a tough nut of an installation design job, as it can include a great mix of sources and needs, while budgets for them are typically minimal. Lightware builds devices with advanced technologies and this is also true for our more budget-friendly segment. HDBaseT™ extension can make a huge difference in the visibility and audibility features in a classroom.

Auditoriums and Lecture Halls
Modern lecture halls have AV systems delivering content to multiple screens and provide options to input signals from various sources and locations. Sources can have 4K signals, but even VGA resolution is still common place. For the best audibility integration for audio equipment with amplifiers, loudspeakers and microphones is desirable.
Application Example: Meeting Room

Lightware Training And Education AV Market Solutions

Lightware offers solutions operating without user intervention: our built-in Event Manager feature automatically connects the presenter’s laptop to the displays or projectors, dimming the light, pulling drapes, lowering the projector screen. All that without any need for expensive third party control systems. The AV system will not distract the educators anymore from their most important task: transferring knowledge.
Application Example: Lecture Hall

Lightware Training And Education AV Market Solutions

Probably one of the most perfect choices for the purpose is the MMX6x2-HT220 matrix switcher, which provides two HDMI outputs, each mirrored to HDBaseT™ outputs, for connecting to two displays. Two HDBaseT and four HDMI inputs allow presentations from local sources but also from locations as far as 170 m away from the equipment. This matrix has Advanced EDID Management, audio embedding and de-embedding, and includes the aforementioned Event Manager, the built-in control solution for moderate sized systems.

Broadcast Video to Every Classroom
An easily installable school-wide video distribution system can be accomplished with the use of AV-Over-IP based VINX devices, designed to work in even existing Gigabit Ethernet networks. A single unit can encode the video signal which can be received and decoded by a large number of VINX decoders, distributing a message, a live video feed or an educational video program all over the school building, while the installation costs can still remain modest. The latest VINX variants can also be fed standard PoE remote power, which makes device placements easy, even if power sources are scarce at destination.

Lightware Digital Signage AV Market Solutions

Lightware Digital Signage AV Market Solutions

Digital signage is usually a series of electronic displays used to show advertisements, product information, menu boards, wayfinding or other visual messages in lobby receptions, cafeterias, break rooms, call centers, elevator banks, manufacturing floors, meeting rooms, student lounges, basically any public space or network. This modern approach to typically marketing communication actively draws in viewers with bright, animated graphics and interactivity.

A professional digital signage system usually consists of the displays themselves, a media player, a matrix switcher, a transmitter, a receiver, media software and control software. One can also easily display content on screens through a web-based solution.

An AV solution for digital signage has to be low profile and clean looking, while giving a modern first impression to visitors and keep them informed of everything they need to know. Adding interactive content to the digital signage mix can create an immersive brand experience for the shoppers.

Most Lightware devices feature advantages which benefits digital signage applications – at the installation phase and during proper operation alike. Our Networked AV extenders, VINX, is especially fitting for such applications with the easiest setup possible and with all the right features digital signage installations might require.

Use our HDBaseT compatible TPS extenders and matrices to effectively dispay your marketing messages onmultiple high resolution screens simultaniously, which can be as far from the source as 170 m, do it without latency and in sync. Reach farther spots with optical transmitters, and in a complex system you can play around with mixing the two kind of transmissions as Lightware gear is fully interoperable.

Lightware Government - Security, Defense, Command And Control AV Market Solutions

Lightware Government - Security, Defense, Command And Control AV Market Solutions

Lightware understands and have substantial experience about the unique and specialized needs of government and military agencies and the importance of secure, unidirectional data flow among separated networks in a facility with various security levels.

The secure, data diode class versions of our products are trusted and has been proven in mission critical applications.

Governments require technology that is reliable, secure and uncompromising in delivering quality according to specifications.

From a HQ conference room to a briefing auditorium Lightware has the right solution for military applications.

Our AV equipment can also be used to enhance citizen service and improve employee collaboration across your department or agency. We always provide the best, to-the-point solution, and help implementation, maintenance and use of technology with our industry leader support services.

A reliable AV system makes information instantly visible for responsible leaders and the decisions based on the visual information have crucial effects: flaw in picture quality or a break in operation can not be tolerated. Lightware provides the highest signal fidelity, combined with the unparalleled versatility of multilayer switching, extreme redundancy and hot swappable interface cards in the 25G Hybrid modular matrix system. Our MX modular matrix range is well known for its durability and reliability in the defense industry, as it is already serving in numerous military installations in challenging conditions.